There are different types of medical transports that are utilized. Some medical transport services are utilized in a non-emergency fashion. Other medical transports are utilized for emergencies, to bring people to the hospital that require immediate care. Some medical transports carry patients long distances, but others are used to transport patients over short distances. Additionally, medical transports can take place using different modes of transportation. Many  long distance medical transport take place by land, using various types of vehicles. However, there are also medical transports that are in the form of planes and helicopters. In some cases, these transports are able to bring people from one country to another. They are even able to bring people overseas.

One of the most common and important types of medical transport is the ambulance. Ambulances transport those that are in need of immediate medical attention to the hospital. These transports often are carrying individuals that are severely ill or injured. In fact, many of the people they transport are in critical condition. Therefore, there is often equipment onboard the ambulance to care for those that are in critical condition. Additionally, the staff onboard ambulances are typically trained to deal with all sorts of severe medical crises. In fact, the staff onboard ambulances are often responsible for keeping critically ill or injured patients alive on route to the hospital. In many cases, this requires extensive skill and training.


There are different types of ambulances. There are some ambulances that are geared at transporting people to the hospital that are not in critical condition. These ambulances have EMTs onboard that are trained in dealing with basic medical concerns. However, they are not trained to deal with patients that are in critical condition. There are other ambulances that are designed to deal with those that are in critical condition. The paramedics onboard are able to perform a wide range of different medical procedures, in order to save the patient. For instance, they are able to perform tracheotomies, which are used to save critically ill or injured patients with breathing difficulties.

For those suffering from emergency conditions that are in areas inaccessible to roads, helicopters can be used to transport them to the hospital. Helicopters also provide an exceptionally rapid form of transportation to the hospital. This is due to two different reasons. For one, helicopters can travel very quickly. Additionally, helicopters are able to travel in a straight line path. This is something that traditional ambulances are unable to do. The staff that are onboard medical helicopters are extremely highly trained, and they are able to deal with a wide variety of medical emergencies onboard. The patients they transport are often in exceptionally critical condition.